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We will do our best to ship out your order as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Technical Support:. Track Order. Please enter your email and order to track your order status. My Account. Forget Passwod? Call TV Models. TV Parts. Board - Inverter. Board - IR. Board - LED Driver. Board - Main. Board - Power. Board - T-Con. Board - WIFI. LVDS Cable. TV Accessories.

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Jvc audio equipment repair and replacement parts

Stand Assembly with Screws. Core Return Program. Once you have switched out your dud part in your TV with the working part, please send the dud back and you will receive a core credit in the amount stated by the invoice that came with the part. On the invoice you received, highlight the part number you will be returning.

Please reuse the packing material in the box and place the dud inside. Please place the invoice in the box. Remove the return shipping label and place that over the original shipping label and seal the package.

Then drop it off at the designated return shipping provider. After we receive your dud, it will take us about two weeks to process the dud and you should see a credit for it somewhere within that time. Download Forms. About Us.Searching through the internet will give you the details of many distributors of Jvc car audio products. The Jvc car audio distributors have to be authorized by the manufacturing company and they have to have a valid business license to conduct their business.

Mostly, distributors do not deal with a single brand and therefore they have so many other items from other brands to offer when it comes to car audio. They usually have and distribute all the latest makes to hit the market and they make sure that every store receives their stock. The Jvc car audio products distributed include speakers, amplifiers, stereos, subwoofers and other essential accessories. From the manufacturing company, the distributors acquire their products in bulk to satisfy the demands of the chain.

Some big distributors have formed clubs where they invite companies to network with them. One such example is the wholesaleaudioclub. A distributor plays the role of distributing mass products to dealers privately. Buying products from distributor near you will save a dealer so much money that would have otherwise gone to shipping. Dealers should purchase their goods from the Jvc car audio distributor they trust.

Where to Buy

They should have some experience in the industry and most importantly they should be legal. All this will ensure that they deal with authentic goods from the manufacturing company. Distributors constantly advertise themselves on the internet and in other places seeking for dealers to do business with. Distributors usually offer fair prices to dealers where they enable them to make themselves good profits.

If you intend to deal with Jvc car audio distributors, you must find out all the details about them and get to know their sources. Learn their business practices and if possible contact some of the dealers who have already dealt with the distributors and hear what they? Read through their policies very carefully to avoid any binding contracts that you do not approve of.

You also need to consider shipping efficiency and honesty which will go a long way in creating a good relationship between you and the distributor and there is nothing more crucial than a good business relationship. Consider if they have a good customer service strategy.

They must be inviting and courteous for you to consider dealing with them.JNC Shop Now. The best new designs! Shop Now. JNC Shop whats new here. Click here. Bolt Pattern All 4X 4X Featured Products Add to wishlist. JNC Bronze. JNC wheels are a low pressure cast wheels.

JVC Radio in the 2000 Honda Civic

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jvc distributor

Model Specific. JNC Wheel Spacers. Spline Lug Nuts. Popular Collections. Search Type keyword and hit enter. Just added to your cart:. Keep Shopping My Bag. Just added to your wishlist:.

JVC DLA-NX5 Projector

Keep Shopping My Wishlist. Keep Shopping.For prices on wholesale TVs that will change the way you buy televisions for your business, Ambar Distributors is your go-to source. Get top-quality, name-brand electronics at dramatically lower rates. Outfit your facility with exactly what you need and decrease your operating expenses to boost your bottom line. This is the beauty of choosing wholesale TVs in bulk from Ambar Distributors.

These are only a few of the possibilities available through Ambar Distributors. To learn more about these and other TV technologies we offer, browse our online catalog or get in touch with us anytime to talk about your needs. We are the television wholesale distributor you can trust to equip your location at the best cost-effective prices. This includes any business, from hospitals to auto dealerships to warehouses, that uses televisions in its facilities.

Our typical customers include:. We are proud to be the largest, most established wholesale distributor in the industry. This means we have a large selection of TVs made by top brands available for you.

Brands We Market

Thanks to our low prices, you can get high-quality TV products for less. Our product availability includes the latest HD TVs and UHD TVs at wholesale prices, including: Plasma — A plasma display is a flat-panel television that uses small cells containing plasma to showcase its images, creating top-of-the-line picture quality. LCD — Brighter than plasma and offering a good value for the cost, LCD screens rely on backlighting to illuminate the screen.

While some models can be a little thicker and heavier than most modern TVs, they are often a smart choice for commercial settings. LED TVs can have super-thin screens and typically experience the least amount of glare. This makes them a good fit for brightly lit areas. If you want an upgrade from a traditional LED, this is a good choice. Fill out the contact form to learn more. Unno Tekno.JVC has been an audio staple and electronics industry leader since the company's establishment in Home theater systems, portable audio equipment and speakers are just three of JVC's high-quality products.

You can find essential components to repair or maintain your JVC audio equipment at Sears PartsDirect, making it easier and quicker than ever to improve your listening experience. Receivers, tabletop audio systems and auto radios all need regular maintenance over time to perform optimally.

Find the right components for your JVC equipment quickly and easily using the available diagrams on Sears PartsDirect. When you locate the correct system, you can pick the audio parts you need for your project from a wide array of choices.

Perhaps you need a motor assembly or a CD pickup for your auto radio, or maybe you want a new cone for your speaker. Small parts, including fuses, antennas, buttons and cables, are as easy to locate as more complex components, such as motors and transformers.

Sears PartsDirect's extensive collection of essential stereo equipment parts incorporates almost anything you might need to repair your existing JVC equipment. Sears PartsDirect components ship out of regionally located warehouses, so you get your order quickly. Improve the audio in your home, car or office, and benefit from fast shipping with JVC electronics-compatible components from Sears PartsDirect.

Jvc audio equipment repair and replacement parts JVC has been an audio staple and electronics industry leader since the company's establishment in Models 1, Showing of 1, JVC stereo receiver. Shop parts. JVC RK receiver. JVC RX receiver. Showing of 1, Back to top. Categories All categories. CD Players.

Compact Stereo Systems. All brands. Acoustic Research. Admiral Wards. Bear Cat. Boston Acoustics. Curtis Mathes. Harman Kardon. HH Scott.Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. JVC Edit Label. JVC Profile:. For releases which say "Mfd by JVC", please credit this profile. Reviews Add Review. Lists Add to List CD manufacturers by earshot. Hi-Fi equipment manufacturers by 8m2stereo. One Way Records 6. Sell This Version.

SST Records. Narada Lotus. Reader's Digest. Black 47 Album 2 versions. Reader's DigestReader's Digest. Triloka Records. Gadfly Records. Classical Action. Sonatinen Album pt. Did Jah Miss Me?!? Reaching Up Album 2 versions. Reprise Records. Van Halen Album 4 versions. Cantori GregorianiTendai Shomyo. And In This Corner UniversalPolydor.

LaserLight Digital.

jvc distributor

Quality Records 2. Quality Records, Inc. Laserlight DigitalMeadowlark Records. LaserLight DigitalLaserLight. Laserlight DigitalLaserlight. Duke Album 2 versions. AtlanticAtlantic. GSC Music. JVK Records.

jvc distributor

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